Is LAMP Still a Popular Choice for Web Development?

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Is LAMP Still a Popular Choice for Web Development?

Post  getaphpprogramer on Sat May 28, 2011 9:37 am

LAMP, which stands for Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP, has become a very popular web development platform over the last several years. New platforms like Ruby on Rails, ASP.Net and J2EE have been rising stars in web development. So is LAMP still a popular choice for web development? Not only is LAMP as popular as always, but it should be popular for the many benefits it provides over other platforms.

Naturally, cost is the first item to consider when comparing the open source LAMP stack to commercial platforms like J2EE or ASP.Net. Open source products are free for download which makes the software itself less expensive. However, cost goes beyond the actual cost of the software and development tools. LAMP will often run on much less powerful software and is commonly available on inexpensive web hosting accounts. J2EE and ASP.Net require more powerful hardware and is typically only available on premium hosting packages.

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